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High Performance Development Stream (HPDS)

The Etobicoke Dolphins announce a High Performance Development Stream – HPDS

The Etobicoke Dolphins are proud to announce the launch of a High Performance Development Stream (HPDS) for it’s 3 elite rep programs, Bantam AA, Midget AA and the Junior Dolphins. It is designed to give Dolphins players the environment to pursue excellence during and beyond their career as a Dolphin.

Joe Duz, Director of Rep Programs and Head Coach for BAA says, “The formal establishment of protocols between the three teams is crucial for both the physical and psychological development of our players. It provides a venue for players to experience the next level of play and become acquainted with the environment and expectations”.

The initial plan for the Dolphins HPDS Program is to establish a schedule of practices between BAA, MAA and Junior, which will allow younger age groups to participate on a scheduled basis with older ones. A soft launch was tested in the 2015/16 season with these three teams. It proved to be a positive experience both on and off ice. It afforded the younger players an opportunity to compete at a higher level as well as informally exposed them to the discipline required to keep a Junior level commitment schedule alongside continuing to focus on academics.

The main elements of the HPDS Program include:

  • Mentoring
  • Off-Ice Training
  • On-Ice Skill Development 
  • Health and Nutrition Awareness

In co-ordination with Lance Bailey, Head Coach MAA and Junior Head Coach Joe Butkevich, the above four elements will be incorporated into the season plan to ensure active participation and engagement.

The HPDS also will see BAA, MAA and Junior co-ordinate team uniforms, enabling each player to visually represent the HPDS stream on and of the ice.

We look forward to keeping you informed and welcome the feedback of the membership regarding this new endeavour.